Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where Did All The Good Tunes Go??

It’s been a long week and an even longer search for something that I can’t wrestle out of my player at home. Luckily, true to there word the US Postal Service braved the sleet and snow to hand me an album that just blew my F***ing mind. The power pop group I am speaking about is the New York quintet who called themselves The Speedies.

Not to be outdone by it’s counterparts of the late 70’s, The Speedies drew there inspiration from such acts as David Bowie, Mott the Hoople (who by the way had there first album produced by Bowie), and the New York Dolls.

Songs like “Let Me Take Your Photo” and “Something on My Mind” infuse a sense of classic rock “n” roll with catchy riffs that can easily outlast any modern day act. After adopting poppy alias stage names, attracting rave reviews, and playing some of the most highly energized shows in the NYC area the group dissolved in 1981 to pursue educational opportunities.

While a full length album was never produced, The Speedies are a great focal point of music during an era impressed with a punk rock scene. I’d like to believe they could have made the move to national notoriety, but lucky they can live on in our players as best of’s. Anyone interested in this group can find their songs on ITunes or not-so-half priced singles on EBay.

In closing, I hope some folks out there can enjoy my love of all things music and feel free to add whatever comments or corrections that escape me.

Other Notable Numbers Currently in Play:
1. Ragen Fykes (working with my man Omega Watts)
2. The Saints

Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Week of Snow's Listening Hut

Unfortunately, my musical listening has been a little blah. This past week has been more of a week of reflection with the Smashing Pumpkins "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" . Since it's release in 1995 this album has been both intriguing and a lost cause to yours truly. The Pumpkins catchy tunes like Tonight Tonight, Zero, and Bullet with Butterfly Wings keep listeners attached, but loses its focus trying to tie to many elements to an otherwise ambitious album. I do believe that the Pumpkins can be one of the few bands that can still stand the test of time and truly enjoy their double disc album, but this is no "Gish".

I know it seems unfair not to list a few albums or artists I've been enjoying this week so here goes:

Notable Newbies for this Week
(artist followed by album)

1. Evil Nine - They Live
2. The Last Puppet Show - The Age of Understatement

Not to deviate from my musical focus, but I ran across this great combination of Super Mario World and the next president-elect. Give it a while just make sure to stay away from the lobbyists.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Best of 2008 (with a month to go)

While I could turn back the clocks and list a few gems that may not have come out this year it's my pleasure to list a top five of what I consider the best of 2008. So sit back and strap in for a wild ride of some artists that rocked my world.
  1. Josh Rouse-(Country Mouse City House) Josh brings his listeners into another melodically moving album blending instances of his past with a mixed mood of genre blending tunes. In paticular, is the demo song "Snowfall". A man of many endevours Josh provides another moving album and a true treasure for listeners in 2008.
  2. Fleet Foxes - (Mykonos) This Seatle based group continue to prove that the Sub Pop label has plenty of reason to celebrate it's 20th anniversary. This orchestrated pop group even had enough time to release an EP.
  3. The Broken West - (Now or Heaven) The West coast is proof positive that sunny tunes can still be crafted for an indie crowd in the land of swimming pools and movie stars. The Broken West take a different approach to their follow up album on Merge records scoring a beutiful blend of indie heart with their own personal style.
  4. Does It Offend You Yeah - (You Have No Idea For What You're Getting Yourself Into) Does It Offend You Yeah could easily win the award for longest title on an album, but the album name says it all. This group from across the pond takes a cue from the 80's mixing pop friendly sounds with a modern day feel. DIOYY, provides some of the most toe tapping rhythms and some that will invoke your inner driver side musician.
  5. Marah - (Angels of Destruction) Marah has been of my grid for a while, but find their way back into my player with this Replacements era style album. Marah start the year with a wonderous album mixing the styles of Big Star and the Replacements, but finish up my top five leaving me wondering can they continue to keep the hits coming.