Monday, January 19, 2009

Audio Overload

I feel like a auditory junkie coming off a weeklong musical high with all the goodies that I've been listening to lately. It all started Tuesday after I picked up the most recent release by "King Khan". Almost like magic it appeared in my car's player and was instantly transported to a magical world of musical bliss. The tunes pouring out of my speakers were crazy, funky, and full of energy. King Khan and his band reminded me that not all garage rock should not be overlooked, regardless of what some people believe. The only bad part of this story is I was told that King Khan had actually toured the midwest circuit not to long ago with the Detroit Cobras and I yours truly was not in the audience.

After that first find it only got better from their. I ran across a great act from Austin in late 70's early 80's called "The Skunks", as well as, Britian's own "The Jam". The Skunks album was an wonderful mix of Westerberg rhythm and early 80's riffs. So catchy in fact the album found itself on repeat twice over. Following a great showing by that lovely piece of vinyl I placed "The Jam's" In The City album for a turn around the block. I will have to make it known, I am a big fan of Paul Weller and his time in the Jam is second to none. While I could give this early album much praise, it is does lack a certain sound I feel that I wish they could have developed before their final album called "Sound Effects".

Folks, it has been a pleasure, but the night is winding down and I'm needing to take care of some business.

Other Notable Numbers Currently in Play:

Richard "Groove" Holmes -Welcome Home
Donny Hathaway - Donny Hathaway

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alejandro and the way of the True Believers

Saludos Amigos

It's amazing how a few days will turn around your musical tastes and this week has been no exception. I recently dropped a few dead presidents on an album by Mr. Alejandro Escovedo's latino punk collective called "The True Believers". To my surprise the RYKO label was gracious enough to put together a collection of both albums on one phenom of a compact disc. Far be it for me to judge a album by its cover, but even with that in mind this disc is just that, F*CKING AMAZING. Combined with his brother Javier the band brings back a sense of senseless rock and roll. The first part of this album burns with the excitement of being in the front row of the first concert I attended as a young boy in central Florida. By the way, thanks Ma Mettalica was amazing, but no Nirvana, denied. Songs like Rebel Kind, Hard Road, and Home combine beutiful instrumentation and lyrics that will keep any fan entertained. In fact, Whiskeytown frontman Ryan Adams cover "Rain Won't Help You When Its Over" on their album "Strangers Almanac".

This isn't the first time I've got to give props to RYKO for putting out some great music. They are partly responsible for my love of all music by Josh Rouse. Matter of fact, Josh and his Bedroom classics label have been stirring things up online with their label website. Just recently, a very sleepy Josh managed to put together a classic U2 tune with the help of an accoustic and a desire to keep listeners wanting more. Kudos Mr. Rouse, Kudos. I know I could go on more about the musical styles of Josh, but I'll save that for a different time. Listeners intrigiued can check out his myspace page or label site at, .

The only sad part about this whole story is that I hadn't found the "True Believers" sooner. Hopefully, anyone out their interested won't have to wait as long as I did and am able to pick up this wonderful collection, maybe even some Josh Rouse, or any RYKO album. I promise you won't be disappointed, but if you are my bad.

Folks, with that I'm leaving this little hide-a-way of musical criticism and trust in the faith that some lost souls searching for a good tune or two find my commentary enlightening.

Other Notable Numbers Currently in Play:
  1. Eddie Cochran - Never To Be Forgotten
  2. KISS - Rock N Roll Over

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New Hear

Old father time has done gone and left us with some musical gems for this past year, but in true fashion I'm sure 2009 has some great artists and reissues ahead. As most of us segway into the new year we must reflect on some of those artists that we may have not mentioned before. One of which is the group "Lovesick" featuring Fred Thomas from "Saturday Looks Good to Me".

Any fan of indie noise or ambient tunes will enjoy their self titled release on vinyl from Makoto Recordings. The album has a calmly passionate sense of creation taking licks from such artists like Sonic Youth and Joy Divison, but the sincerity that is something I have yet to find in some acts now-a-days. The album is pressed on white vinyl with cover art from Ida Pearle from the group named "Ida". In closing, the instrumentation is sublime and is something that hasn't left my players side since I picked it up.

My tastes have not just been restricted to the saucer shaped vinyl, but I have had the opportunity to pick up some notable albums courtesy of some of our finest used shops in town. Some of which are "The Features" and "MF Doom". Both are exciting albums, but complete different genres. The Features are a Nashville based act incorporating catchy early era 60's -tinged rock pop and MF Doom producing some of the most intense hip hop beats that could burn up any turntable.

Sadly as lovely as it has been to share some of what I've been listening to lately I must take care of everyday tasks that weekend's were made for doing.

Other Notable Numbers Currently in Play:
Tommy Boy Records - Greatest Beats (2 x LP)
The Saints - All Fools Day