Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New Hear

Old father time has done gone and left us with some musical gems for this past year, but in true fashion I'm sure 2009 has some great artists and reissues ahead. As most of us segway into the new year we must reflect on some of those artists that we may have not mentioned before. One of which is the group "Lovesick" featuring Fred Thomas from "Saturday Looks Good to Me".

Any fan of indie noise or ambient tunes will enjoy their self titled release on vinyl from Makoto Recordings. The album has a calmly passionate sense of creation taking licks from such artists like Sonic Youth and Joy Divison, but the sincerity that is something I have yet to find in some acts now-a-days. The album is pressed on white vinyl with cover art from Ida Pearle from the group named "Ida". In closing, the instrumentation is sublime and is something that hasn't left my players side since I picked it up.

My tastes have not just been restricted to the saucer shaped vinyl, but I have had the opportunity to pick up some notable albums courtesy of some of our finest used shops in town. Some of which are "The Features" and "MF Doom". Both are exciting albums, but complete different genres. The Features are a Nashville based act incorporating catchy early era 60's -tinged rock pop and MF Doom producing some of the most intense hip hop beats that could burn up any turntable.

Sadly as lovely as it has been to share some of what I've been listening to lately I must take care of everyday tasks that weekend's were made for doing.

Other Notable Numbers Currently in Play:
Tommy Boy Records - Greatest Beats (2 x LP)
The Saints - All Fools Day

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