Monday, January 19, 2009

Audio Overload

I feel like a auditory junkie coming off a weeklong musical high with all the goodies that I've been listening to lately. It all started Tuesday after I picked up the most recent release by "King Khan". Almost like magic it appeared in my car's player and was instantly transported to a magical world of musical bliss. The tunes pouring out of my speakers were crazy, funky, and full of energy. King Khan and his band reminded me that not all garage rock should not be overlooked, regardless of what some people believe. The only bad part of this story is I was told that King Khan had actually toured the midwest circuit not to long ago with the Detroit Cobras and I yours truly was not in the audience.

After that first find it only got better from their. I ran across a great act from Austin in late 70's early 80's called "The Skunks", as well as, Britian's own "The Jam". The Skunks album was an wonderful mix of Westerberg rhythm and early 80's riffs. So catchy in fact the album found itself on repeat twice over. Following a great showing by that lovely piece of vinyl I placed "The Jam's" In The City album for a turn around the block. I will have to make it known, I am a big fan of Paul Weller and his time in the Jam is second to none. While I could give this early album much praise, it is does lack a certain sound I feel that I wish they could have developed before their final album called "Sound Effects".

Folks, it has been a pleasure, but the night is winding down and I'm needing to take care of some business.

Other Notable Numbers Currently in Play:

Richard "Groove" Holmes -Welcome Home
Donny Hathaway - Donny Hathaway

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