Sunday, February 1, 2009

Josh Rouse and his Wonderful World

Everyone I know it's been a two week hiatus or should I say to that one reader out thier (most likely my mom) I've been neglecting my duties as a musical afficiando. It is truly the start of a new month, many New Years Resolutions have gone down in flames, but I'm lucky to report Mr. Josh Rouse as blessed these ears with another great selection of live tunes and his single of the month.

I will start off by saying the new single of the month is great. I will admit I'd never come across this paticular Cure song, but it's in true Josh Rouse fashion it's soft and sweet as the first as any kiss from that paticular someone in your life.
In addition, Josh has added another group of tunes from July 2002 prior to his recording of the "1972" album. The recording itself is as clear as any store bought copy and the vocals are as sound as any I've come across from pre produced material. I will have to praise Josh for posting this show and it's ability to rock out with the best of them. While a bit more upbeat than previous posts, it's a welcome change to a quieter Josh who can truly prove he's got a handle on how to make all the ladies and gents get up and boogie.
With that I'm putting my mark on this and hitting the road. Please let me know how you feel about the commentary and if you get a chance click on the above picture to get whisked away to wonderful world of Josh Rouse. Everyone take care and keep warm for those readers not in a subtropical climate.
Other Noteable Numbers Currently in Play:
Ben Nichols - The Last Pale Light In the West
Van She - Van She (EP)