Sunday, March 1, 2009

With A Little Moderation...

It's come to that time where I lay down the facts all about the tracks that I've been enjoying and as I'm well aware it's been an awfully long time. So to start things off, I'd like to thanks Ben Nichols and the boys from Lucero for announcing an up and coming show here at the local Radio Radio club. If nothing else this is a reason for Indianapolis to celebrate and prepare for the most rock'in-est bands that has been filling these ear drums for some time now. I would suggest this album as the best or another album as a more ambitious of all, but to do that would be just wrong. I'm telling everyone now they just rock the socks off the joint and that's what I'm sticking with. If you don't beleive me just click on the band's photo and get magically whisked away to their home on the web.

On another note, I've thourghly been enjoying the most recent release by Omar Alfredo Rodriguez-Lopez named, "Old Money". A kind of concept album loosely based on (as the Stones Throw label says) exploitative industrialists and, well, their old money, but talks nothing to the fuzzy distorted sounds that gives an excellent modernization of the psychedelic sounds. Regardless, "Old Money" provides experimental listeners with something to rock out to while at the same time testing their musical fortitude.

Folks, it's been a long day and I need to enjoy a little Patrick McGoohan as the one, the only "Secret Agent-Danger Man".

Other Notable Numbers Currently In Play

  1. John Spencer Blues Explosion
  2. James Brown-Motherlode
  3. DJ Format

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