Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'll Be A Monkee's Uncle...

As funny as a title this may be unfortunately this post has nothing to do with the Monkee's, but I am a daydream beleiver if that helps.

After a month and a half of not posting anything for anytime now I've come to the conclusion that my musical tastes have taken full control of me and kept me from these duties.  We now turn to a long day of work the other day ending in one of the most spectacular ways.  I'm finishing up a project, when out of the blue Live Nation sends me one of the most important emails I've received to date.  Towards the middle of the page right sandwiched between the Tori Amos and Jamie Foxx (testament talent is not required to sing, thanks Idol) concert announcements SOCIAL DISTORTION @ the Murat this August.

My punk rock heart skipped a beat.  A mix of Rockabilly/Blues stirred in my veins and immediately, but gingerly began the ticket purchase process.  In a matter of 5 minutes, I had one ticket for the fourth row center for a show that I hope will be one of the most anticipated for yours truly in a long time.  I want rat rods, cafe racers, white tee's with packs of rolled cigarette boxes on the sleeves.  I want to see beutiful betty's and sexy kittens stirring on the side of the building.  I have so many expectations for a show put on by the punk rock legend from Orange County.  

I know have 2 months to prepare and listen to as much Social D/Ness material.  I might even consider growing out a pompadour.  

Notable Numbers Currently in Play:
This Is Where I Belong (the Songs of the KinKs) - Various
Social Distortion - Live at the Roxy  

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